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Print and electronic guide to sources in chemistry

Cited Reference Searching

Footnotes and bibliographies take the researcher back to additional, previous sources.  Cited reference searches are the opposite, carrying the search forward to new sources that have cited a known work.

Web of Science 

Change Basic Search to Cited Reference Search.   Enter the information for your known work to see which works have cited it later.  Search options include cited author, cited work, and cited year.




American Chemical Society Journals

In full text databases such as American Chemical Society Journals, when you search Anywhere your search will include the footnotes.


Interlibrary Loan

Beloit College Library can obtain articles and books from other libraries. Look for a Request through Interlibrary Loan option near your citation or complete an Interlibrary loan request form for articles or books.  

Citation Formats

ACS Style Guide - American Chemical Society Style Guide PDF

ACS Style Guide Chapter 14 - References

Beloit College Chemistry Department - Citing Sources - includes information on citing web sources


Citation Management Tools


The most robust version of this tool operates a plug-in for the Firefox and Chrome browser.  The tool allows users to organize citations from databases and web browsing, store the library citations on a local hard drive, removable storage, or remote web page.  Stored citations can be added directly to papers and bibliographies using a plug-in for MS Word and OpenOffice. Paper Machines is a plug in for Zotero which allows you to visualize the data held within your profile using word clouds, topic modeling, phrase nets, and geoparsing.