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Market Research: NAICS

Finding NAICS Codes

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What Are NAICS Codes?

North American Industry Classification System

NAICS (pronounced nakes) codes are numbers that classify industries. The codes are hierarchical, the longer the number the more detailed the industry. NAICS codes can be up to six digits. They are the modern version of old SIC structure and covers all three NAFTA economies

Examples of NAICS codes: 

71 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
711 Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries
7112 Spectator Sports
71121 Spectator Sports
711211 Sports Teams and Clubs

How do I use NAICS codes?

  • Find competitors and customers;
  • Find industry reports;
  • Benchmark finances (ex. financial ratios and the Economic Census);
  • Analyze trade data, employment trends, etc.

Browsing NAPCS Codes

North American Product Classification System

NAPCS are focused on the products produced by service industries in 12 NAICS sectors 48-49 through 81.

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