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BIOL 373: Automated Methods in Seizure Detection: Our Research and Beyond

This resource is here to provide insight into epilepsy and BIOL 373's role in the field of automated epileptiform detection.

Where Our Work Started

Below you will find a screenshot of human EEG data obtained from  Being able to pull actual human EEG data was a huge step for this project and a great success.  Details on how to pull information from iEEG can be obtained in the bottom right box of this page labeled "Useful Documents for the Continuation of This Project."

Current Technologies in the Field of Automated Seizure Detection

What did Biology 373 Accomplish in Spring 2017?

Here is a PowerPoint presentation of the substance behind this entire project: the code for the algorithm.  This presentation will describe what the algorithm created by Professor Bergstrom is, what it does, and how "the code" behind the program allows for the detection of spikes, seizures, and abnormal electrical activity in the EEGs of mice. 

Documentation of and Resources for the Continuation of This Project

PowerPoints From Spring Semester 2017

Here are files containing the PowerPoint presentations given throughout the semester on various topics in Biology 373.  Hopefully they can provide some background information on general topics that pertain to this class.  The presentation already located on this page is a PowerPoint that was created in the spring of 2017 for one of these Thursday Topic Presenations.