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Accounting: How Do I?

Citation Formats

Ask the library staff at the reference desk for help and check to see if your instructor requires one of these formats.

MLA - Modern Language Association

Cited Reference Searching

Web of Science 

Enter the author's name, year published, or topic of the article. Search. The index of cited references will display how to locate the article and the amount of times cited.  

Citation Management Tools


The most robust version of this tool operates a plug-in for the Firefox and Chrome browser.  The tool allows users to organize citations from databases and web browsing, store the library citations on a local hard drive, removable storage, or remote web page.  Stored citations can be added directly to papers and bibliographies using a plug-in for MS Word and OpenOffice. Paper Machines is a plug in for Zotero which allows you to visualize the data held within your profile using word clouds, topic modeling, phrase nets, and geoparsing.  

Interlibrary Loan

Beloit College has access to over 1 million volumes outside of the building. Request materials (books, DVDs, articles) via the catalog using the Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button when not found in our catalog. More information

Professional Writing

Evaluating Resources

The relevance and quality of a resource should be evaluated. Look for:

- Strengths: what in this information will I use in research or discussion?
- Weaknesses: what in this information can be contested or improved upon?
- Opportunities: how can I expand on this information or what connections can I make?
- Threats: what might discredit this information?