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Unfree Labor: Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Colonial and Post-Colonial Caribbean Lives

A Research Guide on Unfair/Unfree Labor


The work on unfair/unfree labor presented in this LibGuide ranges from the beginning of colonization in the Caribbean to present-day Caribbean life. The Caribbean was first colonized by Europeans in the 15th century and later became a major site of enslaved labor. Although the time of chattel slavery in the Caribbean is long past, the daily lives of Caribbean nationals are still affected by its echoes. There are a variety of sources, from books and articles to informational videos. The purpose of this site is to bring to light how colonialism has shaped Caribbean societies today.


Map of the Caribbean



Climate Change and Caribbean Tourism. Film by CEPUNEP


St. Kitts Culture & Heritage. Video by the Telegraph.

This video takes viewers through important cultural practices and ideals in the Caribbean.

Research Tips

When searching for reliable sources on the Caribbean make sure you follow these tips!

  • Make sure your sources are coming from peer reviewed journals or other trustworthy sources.
  • When searching for "Caribbean research journals" there will be many library guides from other colleges. Use them to search within your specific topic of interest.
  • Check that your college has access to all the articles and journals you're referencing. If not, you may request an interlibrary loan through the library catalog.
  • Hard copy sources you can find in the library are a good place to start. Ask a librarian! They're always happy to help. 
  • Newspapers are a helpful source for understanding a time period better.