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Greek, Latin, and Mediterranean Studies

Electronic and print resources relating to Greek, Latin, and Mediterranean Studies.


Zotero is a tool that allows you to save citations you find while browsing the web or library databases. It organizes and stores them for you. A Word and Google Docs plug in will even generate citations directly into your research paper. You can utilize these tools by downloading the plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari and Zotero Desktop. 
Paper Machines is a plug-in for Zotero which allows you to visualize the data held within your profile using word clouds, topic modeling, phrase nets and geoparsing.

Beloit College Writing Center

Trained peer tutors at Beloit's Writing Center can provide you with a supportive and collaborative opportunity to improve your writing and become a better writer.  We can help you with every aspect of any assignment or project that involves writing.  Need two more reasons?  We're in a nice old brick house, and we might be the only writing center in America with its own bathtub.

You can make an appointment in person or by phone at 608-363-2162, but we prefer booking your session online here: Writing Center Appointments.

Plagiarism & Paraphrasing

Check with the Beloit College Writing Center for help in avoiding plagiarism in your class writing assignments.  Additional sources of information can be found via the writing centers links listed below.