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Immigration - First Year Initiative 2017: Home

Scholarly Articles

Sample scholarly articles:

Gold, Steven J., et al. "A Capture-Recapture Approach to Estimation of Refugee Populations." International Migration, vol. 53, no. 5, Oct. 2015, pp. 3-25.

Lim, Julian. "Immigration, Asylum, and Citizenship: A More Holistic Approach." California Law Review, vol. 101, no. 4, Aug. 2013, pp. 1013-1077.


Newspapers and Magazines

Sample article:

“The Mote in a Stranger's Eye: Closing Its Doors to Refugees Is Unlikely to Make America Safer.” Economist (United Kingdom), vol. 413, no. 9022, 2017.


  Look for the Cite option in the catalog and databases.  You can copy and paste citations formatted in MLA, Chicago, APA and other styles.  Make sure you proofread the citations before you finalize your bibliography.




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