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Digital Media Toolbox: Podcasting

This guide contains information for creating born-digital media projects, resources for finding and using media, and copyright.

About Podcasting

Podcasting, which began in the early 2000's, has become a mainstream media format. This platform can have many implications for the classroom as a tool for the instructor to share class content with students, or provide an opportunity for students to deeply explore a chosen topic. An example of the latter may be seen here. In the linked example the students were given an option to choose between creating a podcast of writing a paper. The students also assisted in creating the rubric used to evaluate the podcasts.

The column on the right provides some quick information and resources about podcasting. The Finding Media tab in this guide may also be helpful for finding background audio for a podcast. The Copyright and Fair Use tab may be helpful in providing guidance for citing resources in a podcast and knowing how best to re-use content in a podcast project.

Podcasting Resources