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Summer Institute - Research Fundamentals: Week 1

Tuesday, August 8

Research support is available at the library reference desk, via Ask a Librarian, and by contacting librarians directly through email, phone or appointment booking.


About you

  • Your areas of interest (academic and otherwise)
  • Potential major
  • What you like best about research & writing
  • What you find challenging about research & writing

Start thinking about a topic you'd like to use for your "pre-paper" in Research Fundamentals.  You might want to choose a topic related to a class you'd like to take.

Finding books at the library.

  1. Search for a book in the library catalog.  Pick a subject you're interested in so you can explore that section of the library.  You may need to limit your search to Print book.
  2. Find a partner.  You'll help each other find the books you picked.
  3. Go to the library and pull the books from the shelves.
  4. Take the books to the Circulation Desk.  Chris will bring books to class on Thursday for citation practice.

At the library, pick up your copy of Essential Writing Skills for College and Beyond by C.M. Gill.

Thursday, August 10

Why use sources?

  • Find answers to your questions
  • Examine evidence
  • Demonstrate that you have read and understand the ideas of key scholars
  • Support your arguments

Why cite sources?

  • Give credit to others' work and ideas
  • Guide the reader to sources you consulted
  • Avoid plagiarism

Citation relay

Everyone will be divided into three teams, one team each for MLA, APA, and Chicago author-date styles.

Within your team, find a group of 2-3 people.  Your group will be given a book, a journal article, or a chapter in a book to cite.  Each group will write a citation for their source.

When all groups in your team have cited their source, the first group will go to the board and write their citation.  If the citation is correct, the next group in that team goes to the board to write their citation.  If the citation is incorrect, the rest of the team (from your seats), can help the group correct the citation.

When a team has 3 correct, complete, teacher-approved citations, they choose their rewards.

Assignment:  For Monday, read Gill, Essential Writing Skills Introduction, pages 2-10.  What did you find useful?  Based on your experience, was anything surprising?  Optional: skim through Chapter 1 (pages 13-50).  Do you see a strategy that you think would work well for you?


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Chris Nelson
Feel free to contact me with any research questions you might have. I'm also available to meet with you by email request or appointment booking