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Theatre, Dance, & Media Studies

Print and electronic resources for the study in TDMS.

Browsing Plays in the Stacks

American Plays

812 -- 20th Century American Drama

812.08 -- Best of American Plays (anthologies)

812.09 -- Playwright Narratives

812.54 -- American Comedies

812.5408 -- Comedy Anthologies

812.6 -- 21st Century Drama

English and Old English Drama

822 -- English Drama

822.08 -- Anthologies/History and Criticism

822.33 -- Shakespeare

822.91 -- Irish Plays

Foreign Plays

832 -- German Plays

842 -- French Plays

852 -- Italian Plays

862 -- Spanish Plays

872 -- Latin/Roman Plays

882 -- Greek Plays

Searching for Plays in the Catalog

Sample searches for the catalog. You can also search titles or authors in addition to kw: play. 

kw: play AND kw: drama

kw: play AND kw: comedy

kw: play AND kw: one act

Search the Catalog

Enter your search terms to search the catalog.