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Music Cultures of the World

Welcome! This guide contains ...

... resources relating to Music Cultures of the World. Use the tabs to navigate through these pages:

  • Getting Started: Get started by choosing a topic, developing a research question, and researching for background information.

    • Developing a Research Question

    • Background Information

  • Research: Search for scholarly resources using these links.

    • Find Articles

    • Find Books

  • Understanding and Evaluating Resources: Learn to identify and evaluate different types of sources.

    • Different Types of Sources

    • Primary vs. Secondary Sources

    • Evaluating Web Resources

    • CRAAP Test

  • Citations: Learn how to credit your sources and create a literature review or annotated bibliography.

    • Citation Styles

    • Literature Review

    • Annotated Bibliography

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Getting Started

Search the Catalog

Enter your search terms to search the catalog. 


Sample searches

Bagpipe music.

Folk music Wisconsin.

Indians of North America Music.

The Alan Lomax collection

Folk music Ireland.

Folk songs, Irish.

Music Africa, West History and criticism.

Music Caribbean Area.

Music China.

World music History and criticism.


The * symbol in the catalog allows you to retrieve variant endings:

Hungar* = Hungary or Hungarian . . . 

danc* = dance, dancing

Use bibliographies in books and articles to find more sources.

To narrow your search to CDs or DVDs, use the format  options.

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