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Political Science & International Relations

Electronic and print resources relating to the studies of Political Science and International Relations.

Librarian Pro Tip

Try searching for your topic online and add the term 'LibGuides' or 'Digital Humanities' to search through guides of sources and digital projects compiled by other librarians and scholars.

Using Wikipedia as a Tool

Although almost all instructors advice against using Wikipedia as a supporting resource for your paper or project, you can still use Wikipedia as a tool to locate other online resources. Look at the References and Resources links at the end of a Wikipedia article to locate outside resources that may link to reliable and useful leads. Try a search for your topic and see if there are any links to online libraries, archives, or other primary material that might help you in your search.


Search Wikipedia:  

Searching for Primary Sources by Type

Where can I find primary sources?

Library Catalog

  1. Enter the type of primary source you’re looking for in the first box (narratives, correspondence, music scores, etc.)
  2. Change the drop-down menu next to the first search box from “Keyword” to “Subject”
  3. In the second box, type a related keyword (author, event, geographical location, etc.)

For example: You may type “narratives” in the first box and “Anne Frank” in the second box to look for Anne’s diary and related primary sources.

Library Databases

Articles and Newspapers:

  • Newspaper Source Plus  – Contains U.S. newspapers, international newspapers, newswires, newspaper columns, and TV and radio news transcripts
  • Economist – Content from 1997 to present.
  • JSTOR – JSTOR provides full text articles from more than 2,000 core scholarly academic journals, dating back to the first volume ever published for each title.
  • Nexis Uni – Covers news (international, national, and U.S. regional), government, law, business and medicine. Articles are full text.
  • The New York TImes – The New York Times digital edition is available to Beloit College staff, faculty, and students.

Speeches and Interviews:

  • Academic Search Premier
  1. Under “Search Options,” scroll down to the “Limit your results” section
  2. Under “Document type,” select “Speech” or “Interview.” To search both simultaneously hold down the “Control” key when making your selection


Current Newspapers

Historic Newspapers

Print Newspapers

Morse Library's current newspaper subscriptions:

  • Beloit Daily News
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Guardian Weekly
  • Le Monde
  • El Pais
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Washington Post