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Library Instructional Services

Why Make Things Accessible?

Making materials accessible evens the playing field for anyone with a learning exception. Doing so can also benefit everyone providing additional modes of interacting with the material. It is also the right thing to do.

Guides & Resources

Below are some links to resources around accessibility.

  • Creating Accessible PDFs
    This is a post containing information about making high-quality, accessible PDF documents. Making a document accessible opens the possibility for those with a learning exception to access the material. It is necessary for anyone who uses a screen reader. It also provides a means for others to interact with the materials in other modes; having the document be read aloud, for example. This can benefit traditional learners as well as those who have a learning exception, or those for whom the embedded language is not their primary language.
    • Working with Book Scanned PDFs
      This is a follow-up post to the one above, sharing strategies for working with documents scanned from books in which there are two book pages on a single PDF page.
  • Digital Access for Individuals with Disabilities
    This site created by Ernetta L. Fox M.F.A., M.L.S., and Danielle Loftus M.F.A., M.S., contains information about the what the law says related to providing digital access to materials, resources that are available for doing so, and recommendations on how to do so within the boundaries and spirit of the law.
  • Accessibility in Moodle
    This is documentation provided by on the ways in which the Moodle platform addresses accessibility.
  • Disability Services - Policies & Resources @ Beloit
    Links to policies and information for how students may obtain services at Beloit College.