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Research Assignments

Adapting Assignments for Information Literacy

In addition to giving students their readings, data, etc., have them find something.

Original plan:  Post a saved PDF on Moodle.

Slight change of plan, when possible:  Post a link to the article in Jstor, Academic Search Premier, etc. so students see the source.  (Ask library staff about stable URLs and exproxy.)

Original assignment:  Students analyze a statistical chart.

Restructured:  Each student finds an article that includes statistical data and explains why their choice was a good one for their topic.

Give students opportunities to evaluate information.

Original assignments:  Find a -- scholarly article or -- scientific article that’s a primary source.

Restructured:  Find two articles on your topic, one that you consider scholarly (primary) and one that you do not.  Explain your criteria.

Original assignment:  Research a company or a nonprofit organization.

Restructured:  Include information that indicates how the organization sees itself and how others perceive it.

Portions of these assignments and questions have been adapted from Project SAILS sample questions and Debra Gilchrist’s ACRL Information Literacy Immersion assessment materials.