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Ease Employment Anxiety: Searching for Career Information

This guide contains information and resources that can help you as you research potential careers.


Everyone has a collection of work values. Finding a career that matches up with your beliefs and ideas about work will lead to a higher job satisfaction. 

Two Types of Motivation:

  • Intrinsic: These values are connected to the tasks and types of work involved in our job. Examples include: teaching others, being in a leadership position, and doing challenging work. 
  • Extrinsic: To put it most simply, these values connect to what you get out of your work. They relate to the condition of your work, like your salary, supervisor, commute, etc. 

Work Values Matrix

This figure is an example of a work values matrix. Pull out a pen and paper and start reflecting on these four categories. Remember that not every job is going to be a perfect reflection of your work values!


Here are a few resources that can help you as you identify your work values.