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What Can You Do?

Choice Reviews Online allows you to search current and archived editions of Choice Magazine for book, database, and online resource reviews.

In order to get the most from your Choice subscription it is recommended that you register and create a personal account. Your account will allow you to:

  • Create and save lists of titles you're interested in.
  • Save searches to be run again in the future. 
  • Set up alerts which can let you know when resources in your particular area of interest have been reviewed.
  • Email titles to your library for suggested purchases. 

Choice Reviews

Choice Reviews Online is the online version of the print magazine Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, which serves as the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education. Each of the more than 7,000 reviews published annually is assigned one of the following recommendation levels: Essential, Highly recommended, Recommended, Optional, or Not recommended.