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Generative AI & Higher Ed: Generative AI Tools

A look at how generative AI is being used in higher education and resources to help explain the uses and limitations of AI.

Using AI Ethically and Responsibly

*Make sure to check with your professor about their policies regarding generative AI in their course.*

Generative AI tools are trained with biased, and sometimes old, data and cannot make critical assessments of the material that they create. It is important to think of Generative AI as a tool like spellcheck rather than an equal substitute for you and your critical thinking skills. For example, Generative AI can be a helpful study buddy by summarizing text or creating flash cards, but can't replace your ability to detect if a source is biased or false. 

Generative AI Tools

Some Generative AI tools include:

  • Google Bard: A collaborative AI tool that allows you to modify prompts.
  • Bing Chat: An AI-powered assistant that can help you browse the web.
  • GPT-4: An LLM based chatbot that lets users steer conversations.
  • Perplexity: An AI chatbot that includes citations for where it pulls information from.
  • Poe: AI platform by Quora where users can interact with different AI agents including ChatGPT, Claude, PaLM, Llama 2, and more.

Some other AI tools include:

  • Wordtune: Has a generative writing option and can summarize text from different view points.
  • Murf.AI: Creates voiceovers from text.
  • Ellie AI: An AI email writing assistant
  • DALL.E 2: Transforms text prompts into computer graphics
  • MonadGPT: Answers questions from the perspective of someone living in France or England between 1500 and 1750.
  • AI.XYZ: Create your own AI.
  • Elicit: An AI research tool.

AI Hallucinations

AI is built to answer prompts, but sometimes this leads to false or fabricated answers. See the sources below for more information on AI hallucination and fabrication.

Ethical Considerations

Prompt Ideas for Generative AI

Want to try giving a Generative AI tool a few prompts? Check out these prompt ideas below: