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Using ArchivesSpace: Home

This guide provides a tutorial on how to use the online catalog ArchivesSpace, in order to search for items and collections in the Beloit College Archives.


Welcome to the ArchivesSpace guide at Beloit College! This guide provides an overview of ArchivesSpace, and how to use it to locate materials in the Beloit College Archives. 

About ArchivesSpace


ArchivesSpace is an open-source and web-based collection management system for archives and special collections. Collection management software is used by staff of a collecting institution - primarily an archives or museum, to organize, control, and manage collections/objects by tracking information related to and about the collections/objects. ArchivesSpace helps us properly describe, manage and provide access to physical and digital archival holdings, and is used by archival repositories around the world. 

To access the Beloit College Archives & Special Collections ArchivesSpace portal, please visit:

To read more about the ArchivesSpace software and community, please visit: