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Using ArchivesSpace: Understanding Search Results

This guide provides a tutorial on how to use the online catalog ArchivesSpace, in order to search for items and collections in the Beloit College Archives.

Understanding Search Results

1. Once you have found a collection record you want to look at, here's a look at how to decipher it.

This screen presents the "finding aid" for the Beloit College Theatre collection. Most collections will have basic components, such as identifier, dates, and extents. 

2. Click on the "Expand All" tab to see a more detailed description of the contents of this collection.

3. You have several options for browsing the content within the collection itself.

4. Click on "Collection Organization" to see how the materials are arranged. This will show if the collection is made up of series, and if so, what files are part of that series.

5. You can also click on "Collection Inventory" to see a "Box List" of the contents of the collection:

This will provide you with a list of the boxes in this collection.

6. You can then click on any box number to see the folder titles within each box.

If you click on a folder title, it will take you to the object's page. These pages are very brief, as we do not generally generate extra description beyond a title and date for folder-level items.

7. If you would prefer to download the finding aid to this collection, the system will generate a pdf version for you on demand. Just click the "Print" button and save the pdf to your computer. The finding aid will contain all the descriptibe information that you see on the screen, as well as the container list with all the file level titles. Clicking the Citacion button will generate a citation that you can use to properly cite these materials in a paper.