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Using ArchivesSpace: Searching

This guide provides a tutorial on how to use the online catalog ArchivesSpace, in order to search for items and collections in the Beloit College Archives.

Searching ArchivesSpace

1. You can also navigate ArchivesSpace by doing a basic search from the front page, by typing keywords into the box on the left.

2. You can change the "Search all record types" to "Limit to collections." This will limit your search results only to collections, and will excluse "unprocessed materials" and "subjects."

3. You can enhance your search terms by providing the search bar with more detail. If you click on the word "keyword" in the adjacent box, you will get a pulldown menu of options. If you want to limit your search to a search on title names, creator names, or information found in various notes fields, then you can select these options. Keyword is best for general searches, because it will search all fields.

4. You can add an additional search term box by clicking the plus sign at the end of thesearch bar:

5. Entering text into a search will return results that look like this:

6. Since this search was not limited to "collections only" you can see results that are color-coded depending on their type. This search result combines all types of records together. Each result will have a little icon to the left of the result. You can also click on the "Sort" box for more sorting options:

7. The facets on the right side allow you to narrow your search results based on various criteria.


Clicking on the fields within the facets will narrow your search results. For example, within this search we could click on "Neese, Laura Aldritch" to see the two records associated with Laura Aldritch Neese.