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Using ArchivesSpace: Getting Started

This guide provides a tutorial on how to use the online catalog ArchivesSpace, in order to search for items and collections in the Beloit College Archives.

Getting Started

1. Open a web browser and type in the following address:

2. You'll see the following screen:

3. The top menu offers several options for navigation:

You can click on any of the three following categories if you would like to browse by:

Collections: (recommended) this is the default grouping of materials found in the Archives. Collections are named from the point of origin (administrative office, organization, person, or family). 

Unprocessed material: also referred to as "accessions" - new donations or collection additions that have yet to be processed and formally added to collections. These are typically open for research, although they will be more difficult to use since they are in the state we received them in. 

Subjects: Some collections and accessions will have subject headings assigned to them, but this is not yet a fully developed feature. 

4. If you click on Collections, it will show you a list of ALL collections that have a record in ArchivesSpace.

**NOTE: This does NOT represent ALL collections actually held by the Archives. This only corresponds to ones which currently have a finding aid/inventory, and have been entered into the system.** 

5. If you click on "Unprocessed Material," it will provide a list of all accession records that have been made public.

6. If you click "Subjects," it will show all of the subject terms that have been assigned to archival collections in this system. NOTE: Subject cataloging has been performed sporadically, and finding materials by subject will not result in a complete search. Once all collections have been entered in the system it is our hope that we can go back and augment subject headings for all collections.